Increasing PKM Productivity in Food Technology Study Program, Student Association Holds SEFOLOGY 2023


The Food Technology Study Program Student Association (HIMATEPA) has held SEFOLOGY or Scientific Event of Food Technology 2023 activities. This activity is one of the work programs under the auspices of the Department of Education and Reasoning, Food Technology Student Association of the Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Udayana University. This activity consists of 3 major series starting from Participant Registration and Participant Assignment, First Day of Sefology which will be held on March 26th  2023 and the last series of Sefology activities namely Second Day of Sefology which will be held on May 27th  2023 at Aula Nusantara Floor 4, Agrocomplex Building, Sudirman Campus.


The theme of the SEFOLOGY 2023 activity is "Working Together to Evaluate and Reawaken Student Creativity in Creating INSPIRATIVE PKM (Intuitive, Positive, Rational, Critical, and Innovative) in Welcoming the Era of Society 5.0." The first day of SEFOLOGY activities consisted of giving material and casual talks given by several resource persons, while the second day of SEFOLOGY consisted of PKM Proposal Presentations from 10 groups that had passed the presentation stage, Announcement of the best PKM, and Announcement of the best Posters. The jury for the second day of SEFOLOGY activities consisted of Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Sucipta, M.P., Mrs. Dr. Ni Wayan Wisaniyasa, S.TP., M.P. and Mrs. Dr. Ir. Luh Putu Wrasiati, M.P. The winner of the best proposal at SEFOLOGY 2023 is the best PKM K Category, Group 3 with the title GREES Gluten Free Cookies Potential Using Composite Flour from Pumpkin and Jackfruit Seeds as a Business Model; The PKM PM category was won by Group 7 with the title of the proposal Utilizing Salak Fruit Waste to Become an Ecoenzyme with the Zero Waste Concept as an Alternative to Non-Subsidized Fertilizer for Salak Farmers in Sibetan Karangasem Village; The PKM RE category was won by Group 11 with the title Si jolie's Potential as a hyper glycemic reducer by utilizing purple sweet potato with stevia sweetener; The PKM PI category was won by Group 19 with the proposal title Bright Utesil For Recycling And Fertilizing Food Waste and the PKM VGK category was won by Group 21 with the proposal title namely Potential of Sorghum as an Alternative to Rice in the Context of Supporting Food Security.


Rizky Adi as Chair of the 2023 SEFOLOGY Activity Committee reported that the expected outcome of this activity was that there would be more creativity from Faculty of Agricultural Technology students, especially from the Food Technology Study Program in the form of PKM Proposals so that more FTP students would have the opportunity to pass the PKM event to the university stage or even up to the PIMNAS stage. He also stressed that the expected output from this activity was very much in line with the theme of the SEFOLOGY 2023 activity, he said.