PROUD! 3 Students of the Food Technology Study Program Won 2nd Place in the Poster Competition in the “Macaron” National Event


The Student Team of the Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Udayana University, consisting of Gede Agung Artha Deva Jayadhi Narayana, Ermiati, and Ni Kadek Alit Wirastuti, who are Food Technology Students class of 2021, were able to beat competitors from all over Indonesia and won the 2nd Winner in the Poster Competition on Manifestation of Care and Awareness in Food Concern 2022 organized by HMPPI Padjadjaran University.


Macaron (Manifestation of Care and Awareness in Food Concern) is an activity organized by HMPPI Universitas Padjadjaran with the theme "Utilization of Food Ingredients to Reduce Food Waste Figures. This activity has been carried out online. The team from the Food Technology Study Program FTP Unud raised the idea of ??Flour Red Dragon Fruit Peel (Hylocereus polyrhizus), Potential Red Dragon Fruit Peel Waste As Functional Food Rich in Antioxidants


One of the team representatives, Ni Kadek Alit Wirastuti, was happy to be able to win 2nd place in the poster competition that she participated in. She also said that in the future she would continue to learn and improve her skills and take part in similar competitions and events so that she would be able to make a contribution to both the study program and the faculty and university. Apart from that, she is also determined to take part in a similar event in the future and hopes that will be able to make achievements both at the National and International events.