Successfully Graduate as Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Technology, Sri Combines Maltodextrin and Carrageenan Encapsulants in the Encapsulation Process of Bougainvillea Flower Dye Extract


Luh Sri Nara Swari, who is often called Sri, has just received her undergraduate degree, namely Bachelor of Agricultural Technology (S.TP.) in the Agricultural Industrial Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Udayana University. Sri's research was carried out under the guidance of Mrs. Dr. Ir. Ni Made Wartini, M.P. and Mr. Ir. Ida Bagus Wayan Gunam, M.P., Ph.D. with the title The Comparative Effect of Maltodextrin and Carrageenan on the Encapsulate Characteristics of Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra) Flower Dye Extract.


Encapsulation has long been used in the manufacture of instant powder products. Encapsulation is the process of trapping a core material (active compound) with a certain coating material (encapsulant). The combination of several encapsulants with a number of ratios is intended to obtain an encapsulation or encapsulate product with good characteristics. According to him, the research carried out aimed to determine the effect of the ratio of maltodextrin and carrageenan encapsulants on the characteristics of the encapsulate and determine the best encapsulant ratio to obtain bougainvillea flower coloring extract encapsulates.


The research stages for making bougainvillea flower coloring extract encapsulates are that fresh bougainvillea flowers are sorted and washed clean. After that, the bougainvillea flowers are dried using an oven to obtain dried bougainvillea flowers. Then the dried bougainvillea flowers are crushed and sifted to obtain powdered bougainvillea flowers. After obtaining powdered bougainvillea flowers, the extraction process is carried out using the maceration method to obtain a thick extract of bougainvillea flowers. The extract was then continued with the encapsulation process using a ratio of maltodextrin and carrageenan encapsulants to obtain an encapsulate of bougainvillea flower coloring extract.


Sri reported that the ratio of maltodextrin and carrageenan (9:1) was the best treatment which produced an encapsulate of bougainvillea flower coloring extract with yield characteristics of 91.61 percent, water content of 6.53 percent, solubility of 87.35 percent, brightness level (L*) of 80, 43, redness level (a*) 20.37, yellowness level (b*) 20.73, total betacyanin 246.99 mg/100g, surface betacyanin 35.76 mg/100g, and encapsulation efficiency 85.52 percent. She also suggested that further research needs to be carried out regarding the shelf life of dye encapsulates and analysis of the stability of bougainvillea flower dye encapsulates so that they can be applied in food and non-food ingredients such as cosmetics.