Support the MBKM Program, FTP Unud Holds Curriculum Re-Orientation


The Faculty of Agricultural Technology held a Curriculum Re-Orientation Workshop and Review of Vision and Mission on Wednesday, June 22nd , 2022 at the JA Building, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Unud Bukit Jimbaran Campus. This activity was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Deputy Dean I, Deputy Dean II, Deputy Dean III, All Study Program Coordinators in the Unud FTP Environment and all FTP Unud Lecturers.


Curriculum re-orientation is carried out to support the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program. This workshop activity presents a resource person, Mr. Prof. Dr. Ir. G.P. Ganda Putra, M.P. as Coordinator of the Center for Curriculum Development of the Learning Development and Quality Assurance Institute (LP3M) Udayana University who is also one of the Lecturers of the Agroindustrial Technology Study Program and moderated by the Lecturer of the Food Technology Study Program of FTP Unud, Mrs. A.A.I. Sri Wiadnyani, S.TP., M.Sc. This activity was carried out to improve the quality of education in all study programs within the FTP environment of Unud and to update the Academic Guidebook for the FTP Unud Undergraduate Program in order to obtain an Academic Manual that supports the MBKM Program.


In his presentation, Prof. Ganda called for the curriculum, namely systems and learning in higher education, especially FTP Unud, to have 21st  Century Competencies, namely HOTS (Communication, Collaboration, Compassion, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Computational Logic), Adaptive, Flexibel, Leadersip and others. He also emphasized that the learning curriculum must be oriented to the KKNI and SN Dikti in the Industrial Era 4.0 in order to support MBKM so that there is a need for New Literacy to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0 for example Data Literacy (Ability to read, analyze, and use big data information in the digital world ), Technology Literacy (understanding how machines work, technology applications such as coding. Artificial intelligence and engineering principles) and Human Literacy (Humanities, Communication and Design), he said.


In addition, he also explained related to planning and regulation of the 6-cycle curriculum, curriculum documents, stages of designing curriculum documents, determining graduate profiles and compiling Graduate Learning Outcomes (CPL) consisting of Attitudes, Special Skills and General Skills, Course Formation, selection of study materials. and learning materials as well as the matrix of the relationship between CPL and study materials to discuss subjects related to MBKM choices.


He hopes that through Curriculum Re-Orientation and the establishment of a new curriculum can make graduates and students more competitive so that they can improve the quality of education at FTP Unud, he also explained the need for a new orientation because with the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 literacy, reading, writing and mathematics is not enough as a basic capital to take part in the community, he said