Trusted Again, This Time Unud FTP Lecturer Appointed to be an Instructor at the 7th to10th GMP Education and Training in East Sumba Regency, NTT


The opening of the 7th to 10th Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training was held in East Sumba Regency, NTT. This activity was facilitated by Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR Herman Herry (Commission VII) which was designed and managed by his partners, namely the Ministry of Industry in this case the Industrial Training Center (BDI) and made FTP Unud Lecturers as Instructors. The Training Training was carried out using the method of delivering materials, discussions, workshops and practices on 22-26th May 2023 at the Kambaniru Beach Hotel & Resort, East Sumba Regency, NTT.


In this activity, 4 team of FTP Unud lecturers namely Ir. I Gusti Ketut Arya Arthawan, M.Fd.Eng., Prof. Ir. I Made Anom Sutrisna Wijaya, M.App.Sc., Ph.D., Mrs. Dr. Gusti Ayu Kadek Diah Puspawati, S.TP., M.Si and Mrs. Dr. Sumiyati, S.TP., M.P. with 3 lecturers from Nusa Cendana University, namely Ni Luh Putu Ravi Cakswindryandani, S.TP., M.Si, Ryan Pieter Imanuele Nalle, S.TP., M.Si and Ir. Zainal Abidin, M.P. entrusted to be the Instructor of Training activities. Also present in this activity were the Deputy Regent of East Sumba Regency, Mr. David Melo Wadu, S.T. who also opened the event, representatives from BDI Denpasar and expert staff from the DPR RI.


The material presented at the GMP Training held was still the same, namely the Importance of a Food Safety Management System, Standardization System in Indonesia, Regulations for a Food Safety Management System in Indonesia, GMP/CPPOB (18 Aspects) and SSOP (8 Keys), apart from that a Workshop was also held which discusses the preparation of CPPOB documents, the preparation of SSOP documents and the design of food safety training as well as good and proper hand washing practices and material storage.


One of the instructor representatives, namely Prof. Ir. I Made Anom Sutrisna Wijaya, M.App.Sc., Ph.D. as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Udayana University said that the competencies expected after the training are of course still the same as the training held previously, namely participants Able to Implement Food Safety Programs and Procedures, Able to Design GMP/CPPOB, Able to Conduct Food Safety Training and Able to Follow Work Procedures Maintaining Practices CPPOB, besides that he also hopes that activities like this can continue to be carried out so that the collaboration of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology with related agencies and industry can continue to go hand in hand and produce a positive impact on society, he said.